Et Cetera

And the others...

et cet·er·a (et set'?r-?, set'r?)
And other unspecified things of the same class; and so forth.

Design is such a broad brush that it allows quite a bit of overlap in many, many different disciplines. Would you think that web design is similar to architectural design? ...or print design? As projects, they're all very similar.

Also, as designers and collaborators, we're afforded the luxury of working with many other talented people and consider them part of our small network of creative contacts. In this way, we have the experience and skill in areas like building construction, professional photography, website hosting, PC repair & troubleshooting, public relations, et cetera.

We can't be all things to all people (and we're not trying to), but chances are that if you're reading this, we know someone that can help you. Even if what you're looking for hasn't been listed here, give us a call or send a quick email and we may be able to provide a referral. It's all about keeping good people around. Who knows, maybe we'll be referring people to you someday!